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1. Where can I find my applicant number?

Your applicant number is found on the upper left part of your Application Receipt.  Enter only the last 5 digits of your applicant number when logging in for your results.


2. Is there a reservation fee for confirmation of slots for enrollment?

This year, there will be no reservation fee.  However, failure to submit your Confirmation of Enrollment credentials on time will mean forfeiture of your slot.  Inability to enroll on or before the deadline set for the academic program shall also mean forfeiture of your slot even if confirmation of enrollment was already processed.  


3. Which programs have a second screening?

Applicants for the programs under the following Colleges shall undergo a second screening process after qualifying through the USTAR:

College of Nursing – Interview

College of Rehabilitation Sciences – Interview

College of Tourism and Hospitality Management – Interview

Faculty of Arts and Letters – Essay Exam

College of Fine Arts and Design – Online Drawing Exam


4. When is the enrollment date for the Academic Year 2022-2023?

The enrollment schedule is stated in your results portal.  Enrolling beyond the date stated therein will mean forfeiture of your slot.


5. What can I do if the required credentials for the confirmation of enrollment are not yet available from my school?

Download the Conditional Admission Contract found inside your application portal and fill it out accordingly.  Coordinate with your school to identify the date on which you will be able to finally submit the requirements to UST.


6. My results show I’m an On-Waiting List applicant.  When will I know if there is still a slot for me?
Visit the Office for Admissions website ( regularly for information regarding this. 


7. My USTAR score for my Priority Program is different from my Alternative Program.  Why is that so?

An applicant’s USTAR score for their priority program may be different from their USTAR score in their alternative program since different programs may give different weights on factors deemed important for that program.


8. My USTAR score for my Alternative Program is lower but I qualified there instead of my Priority program.  Why is that so?

Admission to a particular program will depend if your USTAR score meets the cut-off score set by the Academic Unit for the program.  Programs may differ in their cut-off scores depending on the level of competency required of their students, as well as the level of selectivity from among their applicants.


9. My USTAR score is higher than a friend of mine and yet I am placed on-waiting list but she is marked as Qualified.  Why is that so?

Applicants who chose a particular program as their Priority Program are given priority over applicants who chose the same program as their Alternative Program.  Also, applicants from UST Senior High School and UST-Angelicum College Quezon City are given priority.  Senior High School applicants from UST Junior High School, UST Education High School, and UST-Angelicum College are also given the same privilege.


10. The results portal is stating “Invalid Applicant” when I log in with my applicant number and surname.

Kindly take note of the following when logging in:

  1. You are using your Applicant Number and not your reference number.
  2. Do not include “2022-“ in the space for Applicant Number. Use only the last five digits of your applicant number.

      Example:  For Applicant Number 2022-24225, encode only 24225.
      For Applicant Number 2022-00231, encode only 00231 or 231.

  1. The spelling of your surname should be the same as the one you used for your application. This is often the case for those with “Ñ”, Sta. or Santa, Dela or De La. (Surname log in is not case sensitive.)

If you are still not able to log in, email with the Subject:  Invalid Applicant Number – Surname, Given Name – Applicant Number.


11. Why does my results page states that I need to email OFAD for my results?

For applicants who are requested to email the Office for Admissions for their results, there are some items we would like to verify with you regarding the information in your online application.



Please be guided accordingly.

Thank you very much.




Assoc. Prof. Imelda A. Dakis, M.D.

Asst. Prof. Ryan Francis O. Cayubit, PhD, RPsy, RPm
Assistant Director

Chona C. Batongbakal
Janet M. Tabanera

Athena Maria Lourdes S. Operaña

Angelica Isabel R. Zaragoza, RPm

Roseanne J. Pingol

Jennilyn Mae N. Libed

Jasper Adrian A. Balisi, RPm

Rona Michelle T. Glorioso

Andrea Anne D.S. Potenciano





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