OFAD Frequently Asked Questions

by | Jun 13, 2020


Here are Frequently Asked Questions and responses to help you in your admission to the University. 

Should you need further assistance, email us at ofad@ust.edu.ph


  1. For the online enrollment procedure, click https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wh7quyQYV57WKvoZprkKh6kaKh7dXsuR/view
  1. For Schedule of fees, click http://www.ust.edu.ph/tuition-fees/
  1. Do enrollees who already paid the P 5,000 reservation fee still need to pay the P 5,000 down payment to proceed with enrollment?

     – No, the reservation fee that was paid previously can already serve as down payment.

     – Any down payment made by those who already paid their reservation fees will be deducted from the outstanding balance of the student.

  1. If I were not able to settle the P5,000 reservation fee, should I pay P10,000 upon enrollment?

    – Qualified applicants who were not able to pay the reservation can just pay the down payment according to the amount posted in


  1. Where can enrollees pay their fees?

     – Enrollees can presently go to any BPI or Metrobank branch for payment of fees. They may also use the mobile and internet banking facilities of these



  1. How do enrollees know that they have successfully enrolled?

     – Students may check their portal again after 2-3 banking days upon enrollment. A message that the STUDENT IS OFFICIALLY ENROLLED will be reflected

       on the student’s portal.

     – A confirmation email will be sent to students about their successful online enrollment a day after payment. However, payments made after cut-off time

       or late for clearing checks and mobile/internet banking are not yet included and will have to wait for another day.

     – Enrollees can call the Student Accounts Section (SAS) at 8786-1611 local 8288, 8468, 8466, 8467 for inquiries.


  1. Whom can enrollees contact in case of errors in their payment details, e.g. name, number, amount, etc.?

     – For payment errors, enrollees may do any of the following:

       Kindly email Ms. Daisy Gonzales via treasury_inquiry@ust.edu.ph and make sure to attach clear copy of payment slip

      Call the following numbers: 8786-1611 (local 8217) or 8731-4322.

  1. For procedures for confirmation of enrollment, click https://ofad.ust.edu.ph/coe-links-2020/
  1. For requests for late reservation of slots, appeal for reconsideration, late confirmation of enrollment, please email the College/School of your program.

     – Refer here for their email address:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/145TjhlxI_MSspkpEL-BCSjfehT4nHuAT/view


  1. Applicants who do not have a copy of their Form 138 (Report Card) and/or Certificate of Good Moral Character are advised to fill out the Conditional Admission Contract, as stated in the instructions of the Colleges. The portion labeled “Name and Signature of UST Dean/Principal or Representative” shall remain blank since you will be submitting is through the Google Form/email stated in the procedure.  Indicate First Term in the Starting Term.




Please regularly visit the OFAD website for new announcements.


Stay safe and God bless you.




Please be guided accordingly. Thank you.




Dr. Imelda A. Dakis

Mr. Eric L. Dimar, MA, RGC
Assistant Director

Chona C. Batongbakal
Janet M. Tabanera

Athena Maria Lourdes S. Operaña

Angelica Isabel R. Zaragoza, RPm

Roseanne J. Pingol
Sarah Joy M. Anteola

Jennilyn Mae N. Libed

Jasper Adrian A. Balisi, RPm





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