Frequently Asked Questions

About the USTAR

The projected prolonged threat of the COVID-19 situation will not allow the administration of the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET) during the current application period, as it imposes health risks to both our applicants and the University staff.

Instead, admission to UST for the AY 2021-2022 shall be through the University of Santo Tomas Admission Rating (USTAR). The USTAR is a composite score derived from several data points largely from the academic performance and record of the applicant.

Conducting the USTET online has several challenges, both on the part of the applicant and the University. 

  • The USTET takes hours to administer. Maintaining internet connection for that long would be difficult for many. Moreover, it disenfranchises many applicants who do not have continuous access to the internet.
  • Assuring the integrity of the test results is difficult since we would not know how applicants will be answering the questions without a proctor monitoring them. Installing online proctoring software is impractical and only adds cost to both the applicants and the University. Also, it would disenfranchise the many applicants who do not have the means to purchase them.

The accepting academic units (Faculties, Colleges, Institutes, and Schools) shall set an USTAR cut-off score for their programs.  Programs may have different cut-off scores depending on the level of competency they require of their students especially considering that many of them are CHEd Centers of Excellence, CHEd Centers of Development, or PAASCU Level IV.  You qualify to the program you applied for if your computed USTAR reaches the cut-off score set by the academic unit for that program. 

An applicant may apply to any program regardless of their track or strand.  It must be remembered, however, that the Senior High School tracks and strands are preparatory course work to the courses in college.  Applicants whose Senior High School track or strand is aligned to the program they are applying for shall have an advantage over applicants coming from a different track or strand.  Nevertheless, we recommend that you apply to the program that you truly aspire for regardless of your track or strand.  

Are students of General Academic Strand (GAS) in a disadvantage?

Not necessarily, because we shall also look into the individual subjects an applicant has taken in preparation for their college program.  If their electives are aligned with the program they are applying for, their USTAR will be higher than others’.

Yes.  This is why several data are requested in your application.  All these data, including your school’s past performances in the many years of the USTET shall be taken into consideration.

(This is the reason why the USTET is administered. The USTET provides an evaluation of all applicants using a standard measure that determines an applicant’s cognitive aptitude and academic competencies based on what is expected of an incoming college or senior high school student of the University. But because of the risks brought about by the pandemic, we are suspending it for now.)

The USTAR looks at all of the information submitted by the applicant.  It is the applicant’s consistency of performance that will qualify them into the program they apply for.  One or two grades, whether it is higher or lower than was expected, shall not be the determining factor whether one will qualify or not.  This is the reason why we require the academic performance record of the applicant in the past two years.

Regarding Application Procedure

Very likely your school name is in the list.  Kindly follow these tips for searching your school:

  • Use key words in searching your school’s name instead of the full name (e.g. “Tomas” instead of “University of Santo Tomas”)
  • Use the correct spelling when searching your school’s name (e.g. “Santo” instead of “Sto.”)
  • After writing your key word, do not hit Enter; click the “Search” button.
  • For schools outside the Philippines, tick the box for international school first before clicking “Search”.

If your school is not found in our school database, please follow this procedure:

  1. Click the SCHOOL NOT FOUND button beside the SEARCH button.
  2. Click the REQUEST A SCHOOL button.
  3. Enter your school’s complete and official name. Refer to your ID or Registration Form.
  4. Enter your school’s complete and official address. Refer to your ID or Registration Form.
  5. Click SUBMIT.
  6. Click CHOOSE FILE to upload a .JPG picture of your school ID, Registration Form, or school letterhead for our reference.
  7. Click UPLOAD FILE. Your request will be sent after your file has been uploaded.
  8. Allow for 1 to 3 working days to find your school on the list by clicking SEARCH when you log in again.

GAS students, aside from Work Immersion, shall select their subjects listed in the other strands.

Encode the same subject two times:  first indicating the initial grade, then indicating the passing grade on the other.

Only data that can be validated will be used for the USTAR.  Indicating something that has no official reference or is different from the reference document shall be grounds for disqualification of application.

You may email your documents with your full name and reference number to ofad@ust.edu.ph (Subject: Request for Clearance – Surname, Given Name) for our assistance.

Currently only over the counter payment is allowed with the USTAR application fee account with Metrobank and BPI.   

Applicants outside the Philippines may remit the payment of the non-refundable application fee using the following details:

Account Name         :    UNIVERSITY of SANTO TOMAS

Account Number     :    0154-0068-77 (Dollar account)

Name of the Bank   :    Bank of the Philippine Islands (España – UST Branch)

Bank Address           :    España, Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Swift Code                 :    BOPIPHMM

Yes, they are different.  You are given an Applicant Number only after you have fully completed your online application.  Having an applicant number means that you are now considered an official applicant.  The Reference Number allows you access to your application portal.  Only those with Application Numbers will have access to the Results Portal later on.

Other frequently asked questions

USTET results are valid only for the academic year they are applied for.  You need to apply again, this year through the USTAR.  Your credentials will be assessed based on the standards of the program set for the year and compared with the batch you are now hoping to enter with. 

The USTAR is only for freshmen applicants who have not entered any tertiary level education.  If you have entered another university, even for a while, you are no longer eligible to apply through the USTAR. You become a transfer applicant.  Some programs are open for transfer applicants starting June 2021.

  • College: approximately PhP 50,000 to 60,000 per semester.
  • Senior High School: approximately PhP 55,000 per semester
  • Junior High School: approximately PhP 100,000 per year.
  • Education High School: approximately PhP 30,000 per year.

Kindly inquire with the Office for Student Affairs after the release of the USTAR results.

You study because you want to learn.  At every stage of your education, do your best because each step prepares you for the next regardless of your past.  You do not study to pass exams.  You study to learn.  Also, you need to graduate first before you are allowed to enroll in College or in Senior High School.  Do your best always.  We wish you well.






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