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How do I apply for the USTET for A.Y. 2018-2019?

Please read and follow the instructions indicated in this website: http://ustet.ust.edu.ph.

Can I ask for my reference number?

Your reference number is automatically sent to your email address after the initial registration in the online application. In case you were not able to receive the message, kindly email your complete name, address and birthday via ofad@ust.edu.ph to get a copy of the reference number.

What will I do if there is incorrect or change in the information in my online application?
  • Name, Gender, Birthday, Permanent Mailing Address, and Contact Information

Write a request letter to OFAD requesting for change in the information encoded. This letter should be submitted together with the complete requirements.

  • Citizenship

Write a request letter to OFAD requesting for change in the information encoded. This letter should be submitted before the submission of documents.

This is subject for deletion of record and so, the applicant will have to register again after the OFAD has deleted the previous record.

  • Strand or Program

Write a letter to OFAD requesting for change in Strand for Senior High School or Program for College. This letter should be submitted together with the complete requirements. This can be done if requested two weeks before the deadline of submission of requirements.

  • Testing Center

Write a request letter to OFAD requesting for a change in testing center. This letter should be submitted together with the complete requirements.

What if my school is not listed?

Email your school ID or card reflecting the complete name and address of your school via ofad@ust.edu.ph

Can I apply for a program not related in my Senior High School Strand?

Applicants may apply in any college program offered in the university. However, please be informed that there are programs which require bridging courses if your strand is not alligned to your preferred college program.

I graduated from the old curriculum of high school. Can I apply for college?

Yes, provided that you have secured clearance from the UST Office of the Registrar before paying the application fee.

Can I choose the time of my USTET?

No. The OFAD will be giving the exam time available. Check your test permit five working days after submission of the complete requirements in OFAD.

I am studying abroad and cannot take the USTET on the schedules given. May I request for a special exam schedule?

Please refer to our international testing centers nearest you. If we do not have a testing center in your country, you may send us a request letter for a special exam schedule. This schedule should be between September 23 and December 2, 2018.

Can I submit my SAT results in lieu of the USTET?

A Filipino or a foreign applicant who has graduated or is graduating from a foreign school or from an international school here in the Philippines may apply through submission of international credentials (such as SAT, IB Diploma, VCE, or GCE) in lieu of taking the USTET, provided the minimum criteria are met. (refer to the Instructions for Local and International Applicants with International Credentials in lieu of USTET)



How much is the fee for application?

Application fees are as follows:

Filipinos studying in the Philippines   PhP 600.00
Filipinos studying abroad   PhP 1,000.00
Foreigners studying in the Philippines   PhP 1,000.00
Foreigners studying abroad   USD 30.00
LEAPMed Applicants   PhP 3,600.00
International Testing Centers   USD 100.00
Through International Qualifications   USD 50.00
Where can I pay my application fee?

Applicants who will be taking the USTET in the Philippines should pay their application fees at any Metrobank/BPI branch.

What will I do if I lost my Metrobank/BPI payment slip?

You may request for a second copy of the payment slip from Metrobank/BPI. In case it is not retrieved, you must submit a notarized affidavit of loss.

For batch application, how can we pay the application fee and submit documents of our students?

Representatives of schools may process the batch application of their students. Applicants will pay at Metrobank or BPI individually and the school representative will submit their complete requirements to the OFAD or at any LBC branch.

Test permits can be printed in the Activity Log of the applicants after 10 working days.



How can I submit my requirements?

Submit the documents to the OFAD through any LBC Express branch. All application documents will only be received through LBC. No personal submission of documents will be entertained by the Office for Admissions.

Examinees for the Middle East testing centers are required to upload their requirements at the Activity Log of their online application.

I am an applicant for College. What grades do I need to ask from my Senior High School?
Average of all interrelated Grade 11 subjects for English, Math and Science taken during the first and second semesters / terms.
What if I do not have any grade/s in one or more of the subjects required during my Grade 11?
For those who do not have grades in the USTET required subjects in Grade 11, please attach a certified true copy of Form 137 reflecting the grades from Grade 7 to 10.
When do I apply for scholarships?
Kindly inquire from the Office for Student Affairs after the results of the USTET are released.



What is the approximate tuition fee?
  • Junior High School

The tuition fee is approximately PhP 100,000 per year.

  • Education High School

The tuition fee is approximately PhP 30,000 per year.

  • Senior High School

The tuition fee is approximately PhP 55,000 per semester or Php 110,000 per year.

  • College

The tuition fee ranges from PhP 50,000 to 60,000 per semester.




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