The UST Senior High School offers cutting edge curricular programs under three track – the Academic Track, the Arts and Design Track, and the Sports Track.

Under the Academic Track are four (4) strands that include:
1. Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences Strand
2. Accountancy, Business, Management Strand
3. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Strand
4. Health Allied Strand

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Strand offers the needed academic grounding for those who intend to pursue tertiary programs that are geared towards the physical sciences, mathematics, psychology, engineering and technology. It includes core subjects (subjects that are true to all strands), contextualized subjects (subjects that are also true to all the strands but are given a particular bent according to the nature of the strand).  A unique feature of the strand are the specialized subjects that prepare the students for the tertiary program they intend to pursue.  It has an immersion subject that provides a venue for the application of the knowledge gained in both the contextualized and specialized subjects.


Liberal Arts, Education and Social Science Strand

The Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Science Strand is designed to equip the learners with the knowledge and skills required for those who wish to pursue academic degrees in the Liberal Arts (Philosophy, Literature, Communication Arts, Journalism ), Education and Social Science (Sociology, History, Behavioral Science, and Asian Studies). It has three main components, a core curriculum that includes subjects common to all the strands, a set of applied subjects, the contents of which are the same in all strands but are aimed at developing a different set of competencies and specialized subjects. These specialized subjects differ in both content and competencies from the core and applied subjects.


Accountancy and Business Management Strand

The Accountancy and Business Management Strand provides adequate pre-university training for those who are inclined to pursue careers in entrepreneurship, banking, accountancy, finance and management in the corporate setting and in the tourism and hotel and restaurant industries. Like the other strands it is also composed of core, applied and specialized subjects. An important component of this strand is an off-campus practicum in relevant institutions.


Health Allied Strand

Learners who dream of embarking on a profession that addresses concerns on health and wellness should take the Health Allied Strand.  This strand equips learners with core competencies as well as specialized skills in the life sciences, thereby providing adequate preparation for their eventual admission in such tertiary programs as Biochemistry, Medical Technology, Nursing, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Physical and Occupational Therapy, and Speech Pathology.  The strand also has an in-campus and off-campus practicum aimed at the practical application of the knowledge and skills gained in the core, applied and specialized subjects.


Arts and Design Track

The Arts and Design Track prepares the learners for a tertiary education geared towards the performing arts, media and visual arts and industrial arts.  It includes specialization subjects that provide the learners the needed competencies in music, theater, and creative arts.  Students who wish to pursue a career in Interior Design, Industrial Design, Advertising Arts, Painting and Music should enroll in this strand. A final requisite of the strand is the mounting of Exhibit for Arts Production or Performing Arts Production.


Sports Track

Learners intent on pursuing a career in sports and wellness should take the Sports Track.   This track provides adequate pre-university preparation for those who would like to specialize in Physical education and Sports Science at the tertiary level.  It includes specialized subjects in safety and first aid, coaching and officiating, fitness and sports recreation leadership, human movement and an in-campus and off campus practicum.


As the newest department in the University, the SHS Will be housed in the newest building in the campus, the Buenaventura G. Paredes, O.P. Building. It will be administered by experienced, competent and committed officials and faculty members who will ensure that it continues to perpetuate the quality Catholic Education that the University of Santo Tomas has been known for more than four centuries.


Why the UST Senior High school?

The UST Senior High School is the University’s response to the call for a curriculum that meets the ASEAN Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF). It therefore equips the learners with the competencies needed in the workplace, be it at the local or international setting. Besides providing learners with knowledge and skills needed for them to be globally competitive, the UST SHS also provides them with an education firmly grounded on the tenets of the Catholic faith. On top of the core, applied and specialized subjects mandated by the Department of Education, it offers catechetical subjects aimed at making the learners understand the truths of the faith, live an authentic moral life and develop a vibrant prayer and worship life. Aside from the catechetical subjects, the learners will also be given opportunities to reflect on and deepen their relationship with Jesus Christ through regular Eucharistic celebrations and recollections.


Why choose the UST SHS?

– Enrolling at the UST SHS means benefitting from the legacy of more than four hundred years of quality Catholic education;
– it means being mentored by faculty members who are experts in their own fields, honed by years of experience in pedagogy and constant updating;
– it means studying in a green campus that pulsates with life;
– it means enjoying its excellent facilities composed of multimedia rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, gymnasiums, modern laboratories;
– it means being part of a loving community that celebrates its life and faith in meaningful and joyful rituals like the Paskuhan, the Freshmen Walk and the Baccalaureate Mass;
– it means forging solidarity with saints and martyrs, heroes and statesmen, scientists, business giants, highly respected educators, pioneering doctors and engineers, celebrated musicians, poets, designers, architects, visual artists, sculptors and broadcast and print journalists, and world-class athletes.
– It means earning the prestigious Thomasian tag, proudly worn by countless men and women of great achievement and faith.